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Please give us three date options that are ideal for you between the 30th Sept and 3rd Dec 2017. Please note these dates are not guarenteed its merely a guide for us to work with you. Also keep in mind any community or regional events including harvest, footy GF, Deb Balls, local shows etc. so we can make sure everyone has the opportunity to come along and support the hall.
Number of people estimated or legally able to fit in the hall with chairs in theatre style (in rows).
Rough estimate of hall size in metres eg. 25m x 15m etc.
We have two options for how the $ side of this tour works and to help us make sure we cover our costs. Its a very risky tour for us to run however I am very passionate about bringing live music to the bush so we have come up with some ways that have proved over the past 5 years of tours to work. OPTION ONE - FUNDRAISER FOR YOUR HALL: : Door takings all go to you (hall committee/community)! You can decide the ticket cost (however we sell them for you online). You raise our fee (to cover our costs) through local sponsorship /donations/assistance from Council. OPTION TWO - DOOR DEAL: You provide a small guarantee and we cover the rest of our costs with the takings from the tickets and the door. We will pay you for hall hire . Community keeps any raffle & bar (if desired) and BBQ money.