Apply to host the Country Halls Tour

There are a few things you need to know before you apply and I have listed them below. Please note that this is an expression of interest so if you are interested... apply! 



 A local Hall  

 Community champions/volunteers to help coordinate things, excite the community and get them involved in the lead up (this plays a really important role in making this a success). 

 A local group (eg/ Footy club, P&C or the Hall Committee etc.) to put on a BBQ/Supper and/or Bar.

 Volunteers to man the door and help out with the set up and pack down. 

 An enthusiastic and supportive community  


 The Band, the music, the good times (Fanny Lumsden & the Thrillseekers + Support)

 PA, sound and lights.  

 PR and marketing for the event locally and nationally

 Ticketing

 Option for workshops for School & Community (How to be a DIY Musician + playing in band or Crowd funding)



 These are stand alone events, eg/ we are not the cover band for your ball or presentation night and we have a particular way that we run them in order to make sure they are a success for everyone. 

 You need to be committed to rally your troops - don't just apply and expect it all just to happen - this is a community event so we need a community effort to make it a success.

 There will be an info pack and check lists to help you along the way as well as resources and mentoring from other halls and committees that have run successful events in the past. 

 Please check your local and regional calendar for other events that may clash when choosing dates (including things like harvest, footy grandfinals, deb balls etc)


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Hall Address *
Hall Address
Contact *
DATES: Second half of 2019. Let us know if there is an ideal time in the second half of next year for your community. Keeping in mind any community or regional events including harvest, footy GF, Deb Balls, local shows etc. so we can make sure everyone has the opportunity to come along and support the hall. If its easier let us know when wouldnt suit. We will be in discussions with you and your community before we lock anything in.
Number of people estimated or legally able to fit in the hall with chairs in theatre style (in rows).
Rough estimate of hall size in metres eg. 25m x 15m etc.
We have three options for how the $ side of this tour works and to help us make sure we cover our costs. Its a very risky tour for us to run however I am very passionate about bringing live music to the bush so we have come up with some ways that have proved over the past 6 years of tours to work. OPTION ONE - DOOR DEAL: You provide a small guarantee and we cover the rest of our costs with the takings from the tickets and the door. We decide ticket price. We will pay you for hall hire . Community keeps any raffle & bar and BBQ money. OPTION TWO - FUNDRAISER FOR YOUR HALL: Door takings all go to you (hall committee/community)! You can decide the ticket cost, however we sell them for you online. You raise our set fee through local sponsorship /donations/assistance from Council. PERCENTAGE DEAL: Hall pays Red Dirt Road Productions (us) a reduced guarantee plus a % of the takings made over a certain amount. Amount is determined by venue capacity. Hall/community receive a % of ticket income over an agreed amount. NEED MORE INFO: If you are undecided which option you wish to take and need more information.