• Giant Dwarf (map)
  • Redfern NSW
  • Sydney

Over four delightful Sundays, Georgia Mooney (All Our Exes Live in Texas) brings together some of Australia’s best songwriters for an intimate night of new songs, reinvented favourites and spontaneous collaboration.
Seated in a semi-circle, surrounded by lamps, rugs and moody studio-esque vibe, four unique artists go round the group in a game of musical pass the parcel – each sharing a song while the others become the backing band in the live collaboration you didn’t realise you were dreaming of. It’s their first writing session, their first rehearsal and their first gig all at once.

Expect melty magic, potential bangers, absolute clangers and a bunch of rambunctious chitter-chatter.
With four stellar lineups, you will want to be at every show!